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About Talon

Talon is a Los Angeles-based director and photographer with a passion for social justice and queer representation in media. He shares his love of storytelling to amplify queer and marginalized voices. He is the founder and Director of Development for Qveer Agenda Entertainment.

Talon has photographed prominent queer figures such as Sasha Colby (RuPaul's Drag Race S15 Winner), Krystal Versace (RPDR UK S3 Winner), Baga Chipz (UK S1 Top 3), A'Whora (UK S2 Top 4), and others. As well as a recent collaboration with Paris-based, up-and-coming designer and brand owner ZOFi on their new line of genderless clothing.

The Mailing List (Best Writer), AmeriKKKa (Best Film), and Unanswered Questions were featured as official selections in the 2021 Hoosier Films Annual Film Festival. AmeriKKKa has since appeared in seven film festivals across the US and Canada. The Mailing List was featured as an official selection in Heartland Film's 2020 Indy Shorts Int'l Film Festival.​

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